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enjreviews 03-29-2012 04:55 AM

Game Reviewers/News Writers needed ASAP
ENJ Gaming are currently expanding therefore are needing more staff. Positions such as News Writers and Game Reviewers need to be filled ASAP.

We take pride in having a free online magazine and a graphically insane website - which has just recently been over-hauled. Our magazine has over 900 subscribers and is growing at an amazing rate. At time of posting we've published 8 glossy magazine all of which have attained 2,000+ page views. Due to the success of the magazine we are planning on launching a re-designed version very soon which will be iPad friendly.

Want to join our team?
Simply send an email to with an answer to ALL of the questions below:

1. Why do you wish to join our team?
2. Which country do you live in?
3. What consoles do you own?
4. Your age (all ages are accepted)
5. Do you have any past experience in writing about/on games? If so, please add it to the email.
6. What position are you applying for News Writer or Game Reviewer?

To apply you must have a good understanding of English with excellent grammar skills - which must be demonstrated. You must have a good online presence and a reliable Internet connection.

Only the best submissions will get the opportunity to join our team.

Please note: ENJ Gaming is a non-profitable company therefore we can only offer voluntary posts, although there are some PERKS.

ENJ online:

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