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Legion 06-02-2012 01:03 PM

Got a digital distribution online store. What now?
The back story
So I recently broke into the Game Industry. Finally! Started working for a game developer that also has their online digital distribution store (pretty much like Valve with their Steam, but of course on a much smaller scale). In fact, there are 2 of them: one for a specific region, and one is worldwide. Incidentally, the first one is the one bringing in most income (the 2nd site has a much more limited games choice). Within the company I've been working mostly on their websites and also in tech support.

The outset
So yesterday I was offered a great opportunity - to take over the online digital distribution store that is focused on worldwide audience. Needless to say, I could not pass on that opportunity and took the job. However...

The problem
I have never run anything of such scale before. I always wanted to, but never got the chance. So now here is my chance, opportunities are potentially endless, but I have no idea what to do. I have done some online marketing and promotions before, but nothing like that. For example, I have never singed a contract with a publisher or developer to sell their games in my store. So here goes...

The question
I need to come up with a structured plan for myself on how I am going to develop this project. There seems to be overwhelmingly many things to do, and I have no idea what to start with, and from what side to approach it, so to speak. What research do I need to do first?

So my main questions is: if someone has experience in running an online store, what steps do I need to take first? Second? Third? What sources can I read about running a digital distribution website?

The conclusion
I understand that this is a great challenge for me, but also a great opportunity. And I am more than willing to make it work and eventually be a big part of the gaming industry. I hope you can give me some advice and show me the direction I need to go from this point on.

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