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Bennybo100 10-06-2012 03:08 AM

Degree course help.
Hello, I currently live in the UK and am looking to pursue a career in the games industry, more specifically as a game programmer. I've been looking up degree courses, but need some advice. Is it wise to go for a specific game degree, such as 'computer games programming' offered at Teeside, or 'games programming' at Northumbria, or will I be better suited by getting a degree in computer science?

Also, will degrees such as 'Computer Science with Games Technology', offered at City University London, or 'Computer Science (game engineering)', offered at Newcastle, better prepare me for a career in the games industry?

Basically, the question I'm hoping can be answered is: 'What degree course is best in order to become a games programmer, and get a job in respectable companies?

Thanks very much for any help in advance. Hopefully I've posted this in the right section...


yaustar 10-10-2012 05:55 AM

Re: Degree course help.
It depends on the University and course content more then the course name. Look for courses that focus heavily on programming rather then 'technology' as the latter will try to clump programming, art, audio, etc into one course.

Ones with placements are an added bonus.

This link will help point in the right direction for courses:

The one at Derby is pretty good IIRC.

Bennybo100 10-10-2012 01:05 PM

Re: Degree course help.
So you would definitely recommend going for a specific games degree? I've decided to Email several game developers to find their opinions on the matter, but I've also been looking on the jobs sections of many of their websites and have found that almost all jobs based around games programming ask for a BSc in computer science.

Contradicting this is your impressive CV which I see has sourced from a BSc in a games computing (Software development) degree.

What do you think is my best course of action? The way I see it you're the best person to ask, having already broken into the industry.

Thanks again, Ben.

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