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skellie 11-02-2007 07:33 AM

Modeler without formal 2d/art background?
I am a 24 year old working for an IT firm. So generally I am a computer geek. I attended some college, but never graduated. I do also hold a fairly strong passion for "tinkering" with Photoshop and Maya and 3DS max. I have fun creating things with the programs, but what I am creating at this point is short of professional level work. With time and experience at improving quality, I am sure that I would be producing professional level work.

My question is without having any 2d creation skill outside of a computer and not having any formal teaching for art, is my future for becoming a game modeler doomed? most of what I have read on the artist faq's here is that you really should have a well versed knowledge of art. Considering that I lack that background, does it make me any less of a candidate if I were to still be producing excellent models and renders?

Thoughts, criticism, and honesty welcomed. Thanks!


Thumper_34 11-02-2007 12:03 PM

Yes, 2d experience is a very good asset to have. Alot of studio's want more than just a 3d modeler, they want someone who can where lots of "hats" I would suggest drawing on napkins or carrying a sketchbook with you. You don't have to be great at drawing, but you should work on it.

Your not "doomed" also for the no education thing. More game studios are looking for college graduates, but if you have an amazing portfolio you could get it easily. Just remember, the bar is being raised every year on what it takes to get into the field.

The biggest thing I can say is head over to Register there and just start posting your sketchs's people are soooo friendly and willing to help you with anything you need.

You gotta start somewhere.

Research what companies want in their employees and hone in on those skills.

vegnadragon 11-02-2007 06:33 PM

It is not required by any means, i read in some game blogs that there actually are some modelers that can draw well, but it will help you a lot.

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