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ZepSe7en 01-08-2008 08:08 PM

College Idea for prospective game designers/artists/programmers
Sorry if this has been already been posted I'm new to the forums. I can't help but looking around and it seems like most high schoolers that want to enter the video game industry are looking at more graphic design/ digital media degrees. along with programing and normal animation degrees. Im sure that all you high schoolers or even college students looking for an education that can help you enter the industry know that some colleges throughout the country offer these courses based on video game design programing etc.

Looking around this forum for the first time I thought I might give my input on where I go to school. I go to Champlain College and study Electronic Game Development: Art And Animation. Here they offer Bachelors degrees in Electronic Game Programing or Electronic Game Development which you either choose from game design or art and animation. I am currently a freshmen here so i don't know too much about my future classes but what I have taken I like so far and you start off taking classes focusing on your degree as a freshman.

I hope this offers some help to some students. Check it out at look into academics and there will be a link where you can check out the exact curriculum and there is a link to a student gallery which shows some of the work of the art and animation students

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