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Originally Posted by EmilyK View Post
Mariol, have you considered that working on a game you love (or perhaps, a sequel to it), might ruin your love for it?
Yeah, I have considered this fact. I don't want to work at the studios because I may have a chance to work on the titles that I enjoy (mainly because of this fact) I still want to enjoy the games that I love. But it's these companies that make the types of games that I enjoy and because of my experience playing them, I'll probably be able to contribute and relate to the game more.

If I had the choice, I'd prefer to contribute to a great game and say that I had a hand in the design than sit down and play a great game. That's my thinking anyway.

Originally Posted by Claxon View Post
This can really depend on the game. I've worked on a couple of my all time favorite games (Sonic The Hedgehog & Lemmings), that even after the entire development process, I still loved working on them, and even playing them.

True you may find yourself not enjoying a game series you used to love, but if you're working on something you don't like in the first place the outlook is bleak.
Guess it is possible then
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