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Hmmmm, *cough*
I really have to ask, because I really have no idea how this compares to others:
I decided to look into Dark GDK today, as a possible framework to start writing games with (Just to clarify - I have been a programmer for 11 years, but never actually wrote a game). I started reading the tutorials at 21:00, and by around 23:40, using Dark GDK's 2D game template, I managed to have 2 puddles, a ball (both simple bitmaps), collision detection (with puddles and walls), player movement for the first puddle and a (very simple) AI movement for the second puddle. it's not perfect yet (The collision detection still doesn't work perfectly and there is no scoring system), and I'm not sure I'll manage to make something special out of it by the dead line, so I'm not sure I'll submit it.
My question is, if anyone here knows Dark GDK, is this considered good time for this framework? (Again, I really really really don't know ).

Another question - I'm having trouble with the 2nd puddle's AI, if I let it go towards the ball it always catches it, if I try to add some sort of penalty it never catches it, any advice?

Oh, and once I make it all pretty and nice (as nice as a programmer with no art capabilities can make it), will this be a good portfolio starter peice?
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