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Default Could I cut it as a game journalist?

I'm currently in year 11 and I'd really like to be a game journalist; I've been playing games since I was about 5, and still do today. I also read a lot of magazines and regularly visit gaming websites, so I am definately passionate about games!
One thing that's troubling me, however, is my English. I've always done well in the creative writing part (A/B), but in everything else I get straight Cs. I'm also not going to take English at college. These are my attained and predicted grades:
Core Science- A*
French- A*
Statistics- A
AS Level Critical Thinking- B

Additional Science- A*
Maths- A*
Spanish- A*
English- C
Bus/Com- A
AiDA- A*
Humanities- B/C

Next year, I'm planning to go to college and study A level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French, with a view to going on to university.
So, could I get into games journalism with an English C grade as long as I had a degree and practised my writing?
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