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Originally Posted by luk3r3r View Post
I'm currently in year 11 and I'd really like to be a game journalist; I've been playing games since I was about 5, and still do today. I also read a lot of magazines and regularly visit gaming websites, so I am definately passionate about games!
Awesome! Keep it up. I think your next move, if you are truely passionate about games and this is what you want to to, is to start writing your own game reviews and articles. I would reccomend setting up a personal blog page or try to get involved with an eMagazine or an online review website.

Originally Posted by luk3r3r View Post
One thing that's troubling me, however, is my English. I've always done well in the creative writing part (A/B), but in everything else I get straight Cs. I'm also not going to take English at college.
Why are you only getting C's? You should get in contact with your teacher to find out why you are not doing as well as your other subjects.

Originally Posted by luk3r3r View Post
These are my attained and predicted grades.
Kudos on the grades. You're doing a lot better than I did at this point in my GCSE's.

Originally Posted by luk3r3r View Post
Next year, I'm planning to go to college and study A level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French, with a view to going on to university.
Personally, I think you should be taking English if you are planning to become a journalist. However, these subjects will give you a firm academic foundation for many fields.

Originally Posted by luk3r3r View Post
So, could I get into games journalism with an English C grade as long as I had a degree and practised my writing?
It would be a distinct disadvantage if you were trying to get into a top university. Check out course pre-requisites on UCAS for more information. You should also get in contact with the careers advisor at your school.
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