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I really won? Wow! I can't believe it! Especially since two out of the three judges weren't even sure they were playing it right...

Originally Posted by TG1
(I'm still not not sure which paddle is mine or how the tetris aspect works).
Neither actually! You could see them both as opponents. The Tetris blocks are the player's paddles, which he/she uses to score at either side of the screen. The goal was to get to 10 points at either side. To disencourage players from always scoring at the same side, the difference in points between the two sides should never exceed 3 points.

Originally Posted by Dmcclure
Generally speaking I found that I ignored the manner it seemed you are 'meant' to play and just used my blocks as surrogate paddles. I'm sure with some work it would be possible to make a game where this would not occur or would not be possible.
Well, that is the way it's meant to be played! You use the Tetris blocks to redirect the ball. The paddles' AI is blind to the Tetris blocks, and will only anticipate changes in direction made by the other paddle or the walls.
The two main strategies to score are either to 'smash' the ball back in the direction it came from (by moving a falling tetris block in the direction of the ball), or to bounce it off the bottom of the falling block (which usually gives the opposing paddle too little time to react).
May I ask how you thought it was meant to be played?

Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
Also, did you guys give feedback to everyone or just the top three?
The top three is everyone...

Oh, and congratulations to the 2nd and 3rd place winners!
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