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Originally Posted by Claxon View Post
Btw where is Ducky's entry? I'm interested to see how that came out.
Unfortunately, I was unable to finish before the deadline and to be honest with you, I decided that my whole approach was wrong dealing with bitmaps. I needed a new approach I started to work with C#, but work has been hectic lately and I have been unable to work on it further. This weekend I'm headed down to Philly for American Video Game Expo, so that should be fun and also educational. I would not have time to work on it down there so when I get back hopefully I can get back on the right foot.

I couldn't get past the point of repainting, it simply would not work and I just felt that it was the incorrect way of doing it. I was beginning to do some research on DirectX or OpenGL for graphics, but that's where I ended. Thanks to everyone that helped and supported me on this one.
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