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Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
I guess so, I know how to make music either way so I wouldn't really need to ask for help doing it, I just don't know have professional recording equipment and such to do so. I actually play instruments and understand music theory.
Hmm, i don't remember writing my first reply, but i think i agree w/ it still

I think I misunderstood your question, are you looking for "the best" program to create midi files for games?

if so, I can't answer that. I have no idea about what the music industry deems the best, but if your question was what's the best way to play midi music in a game, then I stand by my last post

Make your music as you see fit. As a coder, i don't care how the music is played, just what format it's in. I think I'm to young to possibly ever consider using midi files in a game, so give the format to your engineer in what ever he CAN use. Just ask, what format do you want the music in?

Your obviously able to put it in any format you want.

Hell at my company, all the monkey sounds are made by our QA lead in god knows what program :P He gives me the wav/ogg file and i play it, no questions asked hah.
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