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Interning for G4 is highly competitive. I don't know how college education works in Canada, is it similar to America? Do you earn Bachelor's, Master's? You'll be going up against stiff competition and you can almost certainly bet that local candidates get privileged, let alone citizens of the US. I'm not trying to discourage, just want you to have realistic expectations and to plan ahead just in case you don't get an internship at G4.

When you are done with your 2 year program, exactly what will you have earned? Diploma, certificate, full degree? Is that program the best in the area? Is there better?

Having a personal blog/podcast is a great start. You don't need to get paid to do what you would like, and in fact you'll have to do it unpaid for a while before you get noticed enough to be hired by a place like or another popular video game site.

Try to find a startup site that's recruiting freelance writers (they often post on this forum). In a perfect world, it'll become popular and soon enough you'll be able to get paid to write for that site, or better yet it's a great addition on a resume. Nothing says passion and dedication than doing something for a long period of time for free.
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