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Originally Posted by deity307 View Post
Taking a journalism program at my college. ... the program is teaching me how to be a journalist in general. There is an internship I have to do in my final year...
Good start! I would encourage you to intern with very experienced journalists and editors if you can, rather than looking specifically for a game-related publication. It's more important to learn and develop strong journalistic skills that you can bring with you into the game space than it is to intern in the game space (although if you can do both at once, kudos).

Originally Posted by deity307 View Post
I currently put it on hiatus because I want to get better equipment.
Don't ever let equipment be your excuse. It's more important to do and learn NOW. By the time you can afford quality equipment, you'll be much better at producing quality thoughts, which is much more important.

Originally Posted by deity307 View Post
Video game events - Perhaps I can go to video game events...
Yes! Go and summarize sessions from them. These are very popular reads when people actually take the time to write them. Don't just blog your thoughts. Summarize the speakers or event and tell WHAT HAPPENED. Practice your journalism skills by quoting speakers, trying to look objectively at the event, researching contextual background about the speakers or companies represented, and so forth.
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