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Question Sound Recording Hardware

So here I am, sitting down and trying to figure out how to actually record sounds to make in game sound effects/foley. I've been doing some basic stuff with my computer and a small mic, but the results are far from sounding great.

Is there any portable recording equipment that anyone could recommend that is relatively affordable which will produce decent sound recordings? I'm looking for something portable which will let me get good sound in the field as well.

For example, I was on a range recently trying to record gunshots, and the cheap MP3 recorder (with no mic attachment) as well as the mic on the digital camera I was using only recorded sounds that were very 'tinny'. I understand that recording sounds in a wide open, windy field is difficult at the best of times, but my equipment makes it downright impossible.

Would something as simple as finding a better MP3 voice recorder with an external mic attachment do the job?

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