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Default 3D soundmanager feature request

Hello everyone,

I am currently writing a Audio engine based off the popular FMOD Audio API. I was wondering what some of the features people would like to see in it and see if I can incorporate it in.

A few of the standards I am implementing are ease of use and functionality. This way if you want a sound you can pass it just a string of a filename to the CreateSound(); function and it will default the rest. Though you also have access to the sounds internal workings meaning you can always call up sound.getChannel.setDSP(); at any time.

Im basically just doing this as a portfolio piece and will throw it in a 3d simulation to show off textureSet DSPs, Audio Obstruction and the like. I will first write it in either C# or C++ the only main difference here is the creation,destruction and iteration through lists. And yes it will be completly free ware for anyone to use (XNA can only use wav so a sound manager capable of MP3s will save space )

Keep in mind the basic functionality for both of these languages are already done. It's just features now. So I decided to ask everyone !
So, What are some Ideas?


EDIT:Come on people give me something here. this is a feature request. Give me your ideas
~Justin Dooley

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