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Thats a tough one. I have not heard a lot about ITT-tech and thus cannot comment. Though you do have an option. If you are unsure maybe you can stop by the school for a tour first. Ignore what the employees say because they are just trying to make a sale. Instead ask the students. They are the ones going through the experience, they know what they are talking about. More then likely you will have the same opinion as the majority.

Do not expect to have everyone say it's great her or it sucks here. Some people may be more art oriented and get frustrated with programming courses and vice versa so they will have a negative view. However if the vast majority is RUN! I would suggest that you take a term off before attending and try and study on your own. Also if you work and save during this time you may be able to afford to go to another place.

It mostly comes down to willpower. Everything you need to know about making games is online. All the code, modeling methods, texturing, writing, GDD, TDD, Marketing, Even design cycle. If you have a ridiculous amount of willpower , lock yourself in a room and learn it all without spending a cent. People on forums can answer questions, it makes them feel smart (see yea im smart ) and you get the help you need. Also the people posting are sometimes instructors anyway.

However if you have a low amount of willpower and get distracted easily then I would suggest that you take courses because it will give you that boost that is needed. I'm kinda like that so I took a course and then took off, I have graduated and am now able to learn on my own. It's like my will power went into SSJ4(<-Dragon Ball reference ) or something. Sometimes all that is needed is a kick start and challenging yourself to do the best things you can possibly do.
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