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It's a tough economy no matter what field you're in. And especially in game design. Most VG companies get a dozen resumes a day of people wanting to break in. It's a hot field right now. Try to get to know a few of the guys there as well and keep working on your portfolio. And lots of companies have what are called "open positions". They keep posting jobs but aren't really hiring. It (A) makes the company look good, even if they're laying off and (B) there's always the chance some genius will come walking in through the door (aka John Romero). Also some HR Geek once told me that they need to post a certain number of jobs in a 12 month period due to some H1B visa program thing or such, so they really aren't hiring because they have some other reason to post jobs. AND THEN there's the ones who have too high of standards. They want all this experience, education, a PHD, etc. I know a guy who's been doing this for 10 years and even he wouldn't be qualified for some of these jobs. Sheesh. Either way, fun, fun, fun. Good luck.

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