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Default AI not accredited

Originally Posted by texasjgc View Post
Whatever you choose do NOT choose the art institute. I was a student of the art institute and they LIED to me and almost ruined my credit!

I had asked about there game art program I was told that my drawings "did not meet there req" for the course. I was put in their web design program with promises that in half a year I could "scoot" into the game art program and not lose any credits. The representitive lied to me. His name was Chris Lipari. What really happened was that the president of the school told me the game art program was filled up over 2 months prior to my interest in the program. He (the president of the school) even told me I "may" have been mislead. NO! I WAS LIED TOO! NOT MISLEAD PAL!.

Anyhoo, They sent me a balance of 90 dollars, i payed it. a few months later another balance of more money. This balance "thing" happened to me over and over 3 or 4 times till I finally said I am not giving you people andy more money! They stopped trying to get more money after that.

Whatever you do I wish you luck but DO NOT chose art institute, they will lie and slander the truth to all your questions. I am a multimedia/IT graduate from ITT tech, and ITT tech was 100% truthful about their programs they offer. No bull.

Just be careful and good luck!
Well, I'd also like to add that AI isn't accredited, meaning that if you went to college somewhere else, there's no guarantees that your units and the classes you've taken will transfer. It's the same leaving AI, too. If you go into the AI, you should want to finish it through because you probably won't get credit for the classes you've taken if you transfer in or out of another college.

Also, ITT seems like a good school, but they tend to keep calling, but you can transfer your classes, so I'm thinking about going there after I get my general education or associates in art.
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