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just an hour ago i really didn't think that piracy was all that bad... in fact, i believed that majority of pirates eventually buy the game that they received through peer to peer and such...

however on a website i visit daily (not going to mention the name because i'm unsure if there are rules in advertising other sites) there was this topic that dealt with piracy... i was astonished at the responses... my mind changed about piracy... this is some messed up anti-corporate mentality... i can understand standing up to corporate corruption but pirating isn't going to help, rather, it would make things a lot worse then what it already is...

some of the things i read included

1) video game companies just want to milk money from their customers and i don't want to be a part of that... i'll stand up to the corporate bastards by not paying for their product... i won't support the corporations... but i'll still use their product once i get a free copy

2) i'm only [insert a number below 18] and i don't have a job... i can't pay for this... it doesn't mean i don't want to pay... i just don't have it at the time... and any money i have i can't use... i need it for school and a new car

3) video games these days are nothing but shovel ware... the quality of these games are severely limp and these games are not what i thought it would be... i don't care if 20 websites gave this game an average of 93 out of 100... i want to see if this shooter is right for me despite the fact that i don't like shooters (if you don't already know... i am over exaggerating what i saw to show the idiocy of their defense... i mean people can do research before purchasing a game)

4) i maintain and practice freedom of free knowledge... i shouldn't have to pay to gain knowledge...

5) games are too expensive these days... i'm paying about 60 dollars for games that i am probably only going to play once and sometimes i might not even like the game so it may be a waste of money...

6) nintendo, sony, and microsoft are already making money by selling consoles... in order to play pirated games we must buy the console so more money in their pocket... (this wasn't over exaggerated)

7) my mom doesn't want me to play video games but i want to... that is why i pirate games so that my mom doesn't know that i have them...

8) i don't like to go outside... it is convenient... i don't have to drive to PAY for gas... i don't have to PAY the cashier... i don't have to PAY the developers for the game... if they allowed me to download these games then i MIGHT pay for these games...

there are plenty more but i will give you one more post i saw that disturbed me quite a bit

9) video game developers shouldn't force us to pay to play their games... instead... they should allow the games to be free of charge and if i like the game... i'll just donate some money to them... (that wasn't over exaggeration)

i'm going to tell the truth... i pirated games before... i have payed for them after i got my job when i got into college... and i seriously thought that every pirates acted the same way but i guess i was wrong...

@Kodiak - your idea is pretty cool... you should call it "NINJA" referencing the pirate v. ninja thing a while back
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