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Thanks for your reply.

I know that the colleges in the Europe are different from those in the US. It would be great if I could go from a MBO to the a US University, that would be a huge step for me.

I didn't know Holland had the name of a country with good gaming schools, that's why I started searching in the area of Holland. But ok, if you say so. I'm quite sure it's not possible to go from the MBO in Holland to a University, it would be great to. You know any other good schools that offer a programming program? If not, in the area then?

What is / what are the best game programming school(s) in the US? I would like to know because I would like to get a feeling of the possibilities for what my future will look like.

I hope you, or anyone else, can give me even more information than you've already given. Thanks a lot in advance!

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