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I am a student at the Murray, Utah ITT Campus. I am also an employee of one of the studios here in the valley. And I would love to answer any questions you have about the program. As Thumper mentioned the area inside of game development you have interest in makes a major difference as to what kind of education you should seek. But I see many posts that knock tech schools for not having a well rounded education. ITT has a fully accredited degree program and the generals classes are all accounted for. The only difference is that at a university you would have options to fill certain general’s classes. At ITT your generals are laid out for you, they are chosen fairly well however. The only thing that I wish the campus included were some psychology or sociology classes (I think these should be required for any game designer). I simply took filler classes at local universities (SLCC and the U) to cover the gaps in my education, and to quench my own thirst for knowledge I suppose. Also, ITT's curriculum is tailored for a “game design” position (which is its own area in the industry)... not an artist, programmer, creative writing, or audio position. You get a very broad overview of all of those topics, but what you choose to perfect is ultimately up to you. If you seek an art or programming position I would highly suggest the university route (either a Masters of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Computer Science). I hope that helps you on a high level, if you have specific questions feel free to ask. I have also written a couple of feature articles on if you are interested. Best of luck in your education and future career.
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