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What information you would like to know more about:

Personally, I think I've got a lot of my bases already covered. Most things can also be found with a little research. However, in general, I would like to see more up to date coverage on:
  • Junior positions in games design (what are they and where can they be found?)
  • Skills, CVs & Portfolios for game designers (most portfolio guides tend to focus on artists and programmers - Tom Sloper's website is great but alot of the sections on education are a little outdated and cliche)
  • How to get started as a programmer (there are so many questions about this - it would be nice if we had more sources to refer to)
  • How to get started as a designer (again, so many questions - need more sources to illustrate different paths and how paths have evolved since the birth of the industry)
  • Conferences, Competitions & Events (when, where, how, relevent - there are a lot more than just GDC and the Global Game Jam)
  • Collaborative Projects (i think there needs to be more communication about opportunities to work on projects rather than simple post-mortems all the time)
  • Literature Reviews (because they're really useful)
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