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Thanks for your replys!

I think you guys are right, I haven't thought about that. I don't think my family, nor my girlfriend, will like me going to another country. I didn't realize Holland had such good Game Design educations, but everyone keeps saying that the educations in Holland are great, and that they are just as good as the ones in the USA. I was wanting to go to the USA because I thought I would get better training, but when hearing this I think there's no need going to the USA for me.

Wouldn't it be better to do an education specialized on Game Design? Everyone is talking about computer science, and I don't really understand what it is. They all say computer science is just as good as an education in Game Design, but I don't really understand that!

What is Computer Science exactly? I have read about it, but I still don't know it exactly. What does a Computer Science education offer you? Like programming, assembling, etc. (I'm just giving some examples, this doesn't mean this is in it!)

Could anyone list some schools which offer Computer Science in or near the Netherlands? I would really like to know, but it seems difficult to find any.

I hope anyone can answer these questions for me.


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