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Default The Game Industry and Marketing

Well, I've always kind of noticed something about Video Game Marketing. It seems (at least to me) that American Game Companies concentrates more on being an organized marketing scheme that wants to sell for as much money as possible, though, I only mean that in general. I know that ALL companies concentrate on making money, however, companies in Japan such as SNK seem to concentrate on making a high quality game that people will enjoy rather than making money and won't try to make any half assed games that might be based off of a movie. Nintendo seems to be mixed on this in a way, they might make a game that's not too good quality in one part of the company, while in another part of the company may concentrate on making a good game and taking time and effort to make it. They treat it more as an art than they do as a way of just making money. Sorry if this isn't really a clear explanation of what I mean, however, I just want to ask, what are your opinions?
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