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In regards to marketing:

Honestly, to me there are two reasons you market a product:
1) Make money
2) Promote company + product for PR reasons

Sometimes #2 seems to be intricately linked to #1, but sometimes it isn't. For instance, if a studio made an advertisement showing off more than one game they've developed, I'd say it was #2 which helps them with #1 in the future, but directly would turn little profit now.

On the first post: I'm actually not sure what you see with marketing there. I think your little bit of rage at movie-tie ins and poor quality games is not against marketing, but licencing and publishing. At the end of the day, publishers have the final say as to what a studio does. It's rare that a studio can make what it wants (Valve is an example of this) as most don't/can't fund themselves. Therefore, if a publisher says "we got movie rights to xxxxxxx, make a game", most studios sigh, nod and dish out what they don't want.

So in the end, what this topic is against is publishers more than marketing. But we still can't blame the publishers, because honestly they are much more in tune with the broader audience than developers who want to make a game they, and a small slice of the pie, would play.

So really in the end: blame the public.
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