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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
Fundamentally, money is everything. You can't just make a good game, you have to make a good game that will sell or at worst, just make one that sells. Marketing plays a big part in both of those factors.

Ultimately, the games industry is a business. This is why there are so many indie/bedroom games that people do in their spare time because they can't do it at work.
But why does it HAVE to be like that? I know it's always been about marketing, however, it seems to be that it's becoming so much of a market now, though, that's true for most things too.

Example: Martial arts has become more about marketing nowadays. Not too many care about respecting what they learn and want to use it as a way to look good by trying their skills on someone.

Anyhow, I know that we need money to fund the games and such, however, money isn't my number 1 priority. I don't expect every one of the games me and my team makes to amazing, however, I'll try to think of something great to the best of my ability.
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