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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
It may not be YOUR priority but about the people you work with? Own the studio? You employ? They need to make a living somehow. In fact, how would you make a living while developing your labour of love? How will you get the funding if your number one priority isn't for it to sell more then you borrowed? How do you convince the consumers to buy the game if it is something they have never heard of and/or outside of their comfort zone?
*Sigh* But it seems like people who want to get in the business want in just so they can make money and find an easy way out, but they don't realize that it's never going to be easy and they get in and go through what they don't even give too much about. I want to go into the video game industry because it's something I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy doing while still being able to live my life. Money is still somewhat "important" to me, however, it's really just not as important to me as it is to others. Life's too short to live doing crap you don't want to, just so you can make money. Anyhow, my "labor of love" is something that will be a of high quality, I won't perfect it because I realize that perfect is just a perceptual idea that can probably never be true, I just plan to make it the best I can, and I won't continue to spend funds over and over on very small details just to get it exactly right and such. I am still considerate when it comes to funds and crap, I'm not going to just throw a dollar here and there, I'm still gonna consider options, however, I don't want to have to follow unreasonable crap just because they think it's a good marketing concept.
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