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*Sigh* But it seems like people who want to get in the business want in just so they can make money and find an easy way out
I disagree. Anyone that has a share in the company obviously want it to make money. Other then that, the games industry doesn't pay well compared to other industries and virtually all that enter it, know this.

Edit: I misunderstood what you said. Yes, you are right. If an investor sees a quick buck or a project that virtually guarantees return, they will take full advantage to make the most of it and quite frankly, if I owned a company, so would I. There has to be some consistent cash flow to keep the company afloat and low risk, known quantity projects/licenses will always be high on the list.

At least then, I have some money to throw at how risk, unknown quantity projects to see how they do.

however, I don't want to have to follow unreasonable crap just because they think it's a good marketing concept.
Then you either have to find a company that looks like it can survive on original games (Introversion, Behemoth) for the foreseeable future or start your own company.

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