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Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
It's alright XD But anyhow, the companies don't realize that by NOT taking a risk we could possibly LOSE money by making such harsh conditions by not letting something into a game. Companies nowadays are not willing to take risks even though video games have been showing popularity in taking risks and adding new things, and that even applies to most companies. A very popular Beer company for example (Rated I believe number 6, probably higher in America and only distributes their beer in around half the country) spends their money on new technology and experiments all the time. Their chances of the product working? 50/50, but they still do it. I'm not saying marketing is a bad thing, but companies seem to forget other aspects of marketing that's important such as the ethical aspects as it or the value factors that may incur. I'm not saying this is true, these are just things that they might ignore because they care too much about the money. Personally, I have other goals I wish to accomplish by creating video games, one that I find sincerely important and that others may find cheesy or probably dumb. If you really want to know (though I kinda doubt it "^^) Private message me XD
Actually I think you'll be unpleasantly surprised by how many Independent Projects (IPs) actually flop, and ultimately destroy a studio. It's nowhere near 50/50, and publishers will rarely back a studio again if they flop so much as once.

Generally it does sound like you should go indie, but I must remind you that the "I want to make a game that I want to play" is actually against what it is to be a game designer.

However, if you continue down this path, I would recommend getting people first, telling them your idea later. That's what I did, and now we're 2 months into developing our indie game (though things are a little slow because it's organised over the internet).
Originally Posted by Personal Mission Statement
There is nothing irrelevant to Game Design.
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