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Originally Posted by bittman View Post
Actually I think you'll be unpleasantly surprised by how many Independent Projects (IPs) actually flop, and ultimately destroy a studio. It's nowhere near 50/50, and publishers will rarely back a studio again if they flop so much as once.

Generally it does sound like you should go indie, but I must remind you that the "I want to make a game that I want to play" is actually against what it is to be a game designer.

However, if you continue down this path, I would recommend getting people first, telling them your idea later. That's what I did, and now we're 2 months into developing our indie game (though things are a little slow because it's organised over the internet).
The 50/50 thing was about the Beer. I don't expect the exact same rules to apply. Anyhow, an example is this, Silent Hill: Homecoming used a very similar idea to Resident Evil 4's system, that didn't exactly work out so well. Also, I'm just following Shigesato Itoi's Philosophy, making a game that FANS want usually turns out to make a game that's kinda crappy like Street Fighter 4 which gives "fan service" up the ass. It's a game the fans want and they seem to think it was worked out well because all their favorite characters returned and the ones they like are really good and the ones they don't like or nowhere near as good, did it sell well? Yes. But was it anywhere near a great game? HAHAHAHAHAH!
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