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Well, let me ask you guys this.

Would you trust the opinion of someone who's been around quite a few fighting games? Or the opinion of a bunch of people who just like Street Fighter games?

Would you trust the opinion of someone who knows music theory about playing a guitar? Or the opinion of someone who just likes music?

Basically, the biggest Street Fighter fan in the World (And rated the best) even thinks that Street Fighter 4 kind of sucks. The imbalance was obvious and it was quite irritating to go on a thread and ACTUALLY see the people who main a character complain about their own chosen character. I've NEVER in my time of fighting games see people ATTACK their main character stating they suck. In a fighting game, I would normally see "This character is good, you just have to know how to use him." or "He's not bad! You just have to be able to use him very well!" But never have I seen the people who main the person state "THEY MAKE HIM SO FUCKING BAD! He's harder to use than other characters, he has no projectiles, and even if you do pull something off, the end result isn't worth it!" Anyhow, 90% of the people online only play Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Akuma, Zangief, or Balrog. Anyhow, here's what I'm trying to state.

Fan service is a way of having the fans be happy about the product so that they'll buy it almost for sure. By adding everyone's old favorite characters and those familiar faces and moves, people got happy and bought the game. Especially with the 3D graphics that take way less effort than making hand drawn sprites that someone would put their sweat and tears into, and even though they did make 3D images, the polygons suck my balls. They look so misformed and some of the characters look like fags. The story is totally the trashiest thing I've ever read in a storyline of any Fighting game ever and very generic. The balance of the game? Well, I don't know whether the SF team has learned anything about balancing a game, they should have stopped, gone to fucking SNK and say "Hey, can you help us balance our game? We don't know what we're doing."

Did it work? Yes.

SHOULD it have worked? FUCK NO!
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