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Originally Posted by Zooch View Post
Computers only do what you instruct them to do. By inputting millions of commands based off of thousands of different personality types, you can tell a computer to "matrix" the feelings and personalities and randomly rationalize situations based on the most common responses. In all reality for someone not tech savvy it would seem like the computer thinks and feels, but the person that programmed the computer would understand all too well that its only regurgitating data in a creative, pre-programmed fashion.

Computers cannot think or feel.
Now the new question comes up...

What is thinking? Not dictionary-wise. Take it into perspective. What makes a person "think"? A mentally handicap person can think. A person whom is in an almost vegetable state (Not dead, but not in the state where they're being kept alive by just machines) can think. What is thought? Why can't computers use a thought process?
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