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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
Why is one person's opinion more important then another. One person didn't like it and didn't think it was good because it was imbalanced. A whole group of other people did enjoy it despite its flaws. Does this mean that the game is good or bad?

If it is good, why did the one person hate it? If it was bad, why did the group of players enjoy it regardless?

If players are enjoying an unbalanced game, does it matter that it is unbalanced?
It's more based around the experience. I'd rather trust a rocket scientist about how to build a rocket than I would about 50 random people. Balance is a key to games, especially fighting games. People believe Street Fighter 4 is VERY balanced, however, the only fighting games they probably ever played are Super Smash Bros and other Street Fighter games. Balance is probably the most important thing in a fighting game. To make a character that's not as good as everyone other is practically like saying "We're going to program this useless piece of information into the game just so it seems better." Balanced games are VERY essential to fighting games. It gives every character a fair chance to win, it allows so that when two people compete it was a fair match. Without balance in a fighting game it's like saying "Hey, choose these characters, those other ones aren't important."
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