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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
While balance does matter for tournament play, if a large majority of players are enjoying an unbalanced game, does it make it good or bad?
It all depends on the game. People BELIEVE that Street Fighter 4 is very balanced, but if they were to think it was unbalanced, they would think it's a bad game. The only fighting game that's ever been the exception to the rule of fighting games is M.U.G.E.N which is suppose to be balanced. Street Fighter 4 doesn't have much going for it too, the only thing that it should have concentrated on is balance and it failed at that too. The storylines are kind of generic and some are VERY cheesy, the music is nowhere near as epic as Street Fighter 2 or Street Fighter 3 except when they remix the SF2 songs and you can only hear them then. The English Voice acting is pretty damned bad. The most interesting thing in the game are the backgrounds and even they're not that good. The reason why I think the backgrounds are even somewhat interesting is that during a fight, if something happens, it affects the background.
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