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Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
It all depends on the game. People BELIEVE that Street Fighter 4 is very balanced, but if they were to think it was unbalanced, they would think it's a bad game.
Personally, I think you missed the point. Whether a game is good or bad doesn't depend on the game, it depends on the person playing it. If the player is enjoying the game, it doesn't matter whether the game is 'supposed' to be technically bad or good in the eyes of that one player, that game is 'good'.

Have you considered that some of the players know it is unbalanced yet still say it is a good game because they enjoy playing it? For the players that believe it is balanced, what makes you think that they would turn away from the game when they learn it is unbalanced if they are enjoying the game regardless in its current form?
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