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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
Have you considered that some of the players know it is unbalanced yet still say it is a good game because they enjoy playing it? For the players that believe it is balanced, what makes you think that they would turn away from the game when they learn it is unbalanced if they are enjoying the game regardless in its current form?
I would have to say this ressonates with me alot. Fun is defined by the individual experiencing it. Is chess fun? Some people think so, others don't think so. This is true for any sport as well. People may enjoy some sports, while not others. Usually regardless of flaws in the game!

A number of the RTS and MMORPG games that I have played have balence issues. Usually these issues evolve with each update to the game. However, that is where fun is born for many individuals! In adapting to the changes, rising up to the handicaps and devising counters to the most effective "FOTM" strategies, some people find excitment and satisfction.
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