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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
Personally, I think you missed the point. Whether a game is good or bad doesn't depend on the game, it depends on the person playing it. If the player is enjoying the game, it doesn't matter whether the game is 'supposed' to be technically bad or good in the eyes of that one player, that game is 'good'.

Have you considered that some of the players know it is unbalanced yet still say it is a good game because they enjoy playing it? For the players that believe it is balanced, what makes you think that they would turn away from the game when they learn it is unbalanced if they are enjoying the game regardless in its current form?
I do understand, however, it seems as though the only reason they may like a game is because they see the faces that they all want to see. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Zangief, etc... I have seen sites and people do consider the game "VERY balanced". But it's not fun if you take so much effort into a game and then one person can come along and turn everything around within 1 move while having so much different advantages. I've read reviews online and my God how they lie. "You know how in the old Street Fighters people just spammed Hadoukens and other projectiles or moves? You won't see that in Street Fighter 4 online mode." Guess what I see in online mode? "HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN!" or "SHORYUKEN! SHORYUKEN! SHORYUKEN!" I've practically never heard one round online where I don't hear those words coming out of Ken or Ryu. Online mode should be called Super Ken Fighters.
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