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Originally Posted by toyoka View Post
In the perspective us humans might see as "thinking" may not be all the same as a computer's way of "thinking". Maybe we are all, perhaps, pre-programmed (either genetically, or biologically) from birth to make our decisions without really thinking about them. Or maybe I'm just shooting stray thoughts

Bottom line; Computers are only as smart as their creator. So the computer's perception of thought is more or less predetermined.
Your thoughts aren't stray in my opinion, it's actually believed in Psychology that one's thought may be somewhat predetermined by genetics and such. Personally, I'm more of a nurture guy than nature. Still, I do wonder what thinking is. In psychology, it states that when one plays a video game, their thinking process is no longer registering information and is in a way resting. This is actually good for taking break from studies due to the fact that while your brain is resting, the information you learned earlier is still being rested as well, allowing you to process it better later. However, if we're not thinking while playing video games, is it because we already know? And is that just a Psychological view of thinking? Anyhow, perception is a bitch XD
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