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No, they shouldn't make Barret as good. He hasn't got a decent backstory when compared to more awesome characters, hence the lack of fanbase. But of course, the Final Fantasy creators knew this when they created the game. I think they tried to make FFXII a balance of characters, but in the end most of them were highly unlikable.

Anyway, that's an off topic rant on Final Fantasy, back to the off-topic Street Fighter thing:

So what I get from your analogy, is that a player (the defendant) NEEDS the lawyer (the character) to save him. It's like saying a player should not rely on their own skill, but the skills of the character.

A reference (away from Street Fighter, which I haven't played) would be to look at Snipers in Team Fortress 2. It's very easy to discern the difference between a good and bad Sniper based on the player skill, and though good snipers can often win an entire game themselves, there are few that are that good and thus the most "overpowered" class is often seen to be demoman because he has more players who, even by using him poorly, can still threaten the other team with area denial and other explosives.

Has little to do with marketing, but that's another can of worms I'm already tired of arguing about.
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