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Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
I'm not sure about the calculator thing... Aren't the numbers programmed into the calculator?
Even if the numbers were just pre-programmed (which they're not), you could see this as a form of intelligence.
Thinking about this example reminds me of the discussion around Searle's Chinese Room. Again, the notion of intelligence and thinking is very subjective; this is something that becomes painfully clear when a group of people are confronted by Searle's Chinese Room.
(For the record, I think the 'system as a whole'—that is: the room, the man, the input, the instructions and the man's work—can be considered to 'understand Chinese', even if the man itself does not.)

Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
Plus, if I remember correctly, a computer can't learn anything outside of programming
Well, that's not true. Learning systems can acquire new knowledge through data. This data may be fed to it, it might gather it itself (for example, from the internet), or it might create data itself through exploration.
You might want to look into 'Machine Learning' once. It's a wonderful field!
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