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Originally Posted by WeTheTwisted View Post
I once attempted to code a simple chat-bot in C#.

This made me think a lot about human factors which make each person an individual, morals and such.

It really is, all invisible variables. So if all the neccesary ones are replicated in code and the computer used them as we use ours, like "Hmm, Tom just broke up with his girlfriend, I should not mention that I have met a nice lady...".

Well, that's a lovely example. That defines who we are:

Nice person - "Hmm, Tom just broke up with his girlfriend, I should not mention that I have met a nice lady..."

Bad person - "HA! Tom's missus ditched him, i'm totally gonna rub it in his face that I met a nice lady".

That would be tact I guess and morals... maybe?
Either way, variables!

Then if you just coded one of those "20 Question" information network bots to it, it would have a means to learn about many things:

"A duck quacks."

That would tell it that an object called a "Duck" performs an action which is a "quack". It would probably already know what a duck is (animal, vegetable or mineral route).

So if you could tell it to parse data from Wikipedia or something instead of being fed information by many users... surely there's a means you could replicate a human.

This train of thought could literally go on for hours...
I believe that something like that deals more with Value than with morals, however, I do get what you're saying. Though, morals are so controversial, and computers would only be able to "know" the morals that someone programmed into it. Example: Divine Command - A belief that whatever God commands is morally right or wrong. Of course, God might not even exist for all we know. There also exists other theories such as Ethical Egoism. You're Ethical if you think about yourself and yourself only. If a computer were to be programmed with this thought process, it would be useless. Why do I say that? Because the purpose of us making computers and robots is to help us in our everyday life.

@Protector One

Interesting, however, I've read that computers can't comprehend the Words that are displayed on a screen, they just display them and such, so they don't actually understand English, German, etc... Or were you saying something else that I may have misinterpreted? "^^
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