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Physically, silicon based AI has the potential to think at the same level of complexity as humans.

There is nothing mystical about human thought- it's a series of predictable electrical and biochemical reactions that have been gradually programmed over a long period of time.

Unless you started introduing biological elements into a computer, it could not physically experience the biochemical reactions that an organic life-form does, but could simulate them.

Conceivably one could introduce a physical simulation for many of the physical elements of the human body and a computer could gather data based on the physical simulation, but software simulation would be much less resource-intensive.

Make no mistake- a computer could do anything a human can, but not with our modern technology. You would need far faster computers and some extremely advanced code, but if we're just speculating then it is certainly possible.

(If you believe in some mystical element that takes place in human thought, disregard the above. If you adhere to deterministic/fatalistic philosophies, then you probably already knew all of this.)

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