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Originally Posted by Protector one View Post
I'm almost convinced contemporary technology could do everything a human could. They can't do it all at the same time however, and many of our implementations aren't as advanced yet as their human counterparts.
I agree that robots could just about anything a human could, but it would be pre-programmed and designed for a specific purpose. As far as I know, nobody has developed code that can learn diverse physical behaviors and manipulate hardware that has approximately the same functionality and versatility as the human body.

Originally Posted by Gshonk View Post
I disagree with this and it has nothing to do with mystical thought and everything to do with the irrationality of the human mind. The thing with a computer that is programmed is it will always pick the best solution and make logical sense, a human will not necessarily do that.
The "irrationality" of the human mind isn't random. Thoughts are influenced by the physical state of your body (for instance, when angry your body releases chemicals that influence your body and mind). It can be modeled, though the complexity of such a model is far beyond our understanding right now.

The OP's question was "can computers (as they are now) think?" Someone already answered that question; it depends on your definition of "think".

As computers become increasingly complex and we develop more sophisticated models of human behavior, there will be few definitions of "think" that computers cannot do. Eventually, the only definitions of "think" that computers will not be able to do is those that include a mystical element, such as the concept of a human soul.

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