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Originally Posted by Chipmunk View Post
Hey everyone, to introduce myself my name's Ben, I'm 14 and am from the UK. I'm hoping to become a 3d modeler and animator.

First question is, do I need to draw, I've always been okay at drawing just never practiced. The only problem is I can't draw from my imagination just copying. How can I learn?
Doodle, things will get better with practise.

Also is living in the UK a problem, I was thinking of moving down to London, but I'm not sure where the hub of development is.
You are 14, a little early to be thinking about moving especially into one of the most expensive areas in the country.

I'm learning to use XSI at the moment as I like it and the Mod tool is free. I'm not going to use 3Ds Max until I can afford to as I hate piracy.

Good, keep at it. Also dabble with other packages like Blender or Wings3D just to get a feel what another program may be like. This will help transitioning between tools easier in the future.
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