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Originally Posted by lavender09 View Post
I am still a junior in high school and was wondering if making a multiplayer online game is different from designing a regular game like ones you play on playstations. What kind of positions is there for designing a game?
Well, I'm assuming you are talking about a game in a similar genre (such as a MMORPG vs. a RPG or a MMO-Shooter vs. a Shooter), and there is a large difference. The balance of a MMO is completely different than it's not-MMO brethren, and balance in a MMO is considerably more important. Level design is also completely different. Balance plays a large part in this, but there are other considerations. In WOW, the level designers had to work to provide a satisfying and rewarding experience to 50 players in a dungeon at the same time, which has no single player equivalent. PvP adds a completely new dimension to MMORPGs, and a incredibly complex balance challenge for any designer.
These are just a few examples in a nearly impossible subject to tackle. Explaining the difference between designing any two games in different genres is a difficult proposition, let alone the difference between designing two games in different mega-genres.

As for you second question:
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