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1. Thiago R. Pinto
2. music producer and sound designer. 5 years experience in advertising audio doing jingles, spots, soundtracks and sound design for tv ads. also did music and sound design for some webgames.
3. composer and sound designer
4. the best way is to show that is here:
5. i'm studying at SAE Institute right now, doing the audio engineering program. I have access to good live rooms and microphones (can record my on foley assets), nice mixing consoles (can do a 5.1 mixing, for exemple) and also portable recording gear to get audio assets out side the studio.
6. i want to get involved in many games as possible so that i can build a good portfolio. i really love video games and the possibility to make a living doing music/audio for this industry just sounds perfect to me! so that is my gold right now...

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