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So, what's the discussion? It's like the first post got halfway through the point and then didn't summarise, but whatever:

Firstly: haha America.

Secondly: As a Game Designer (wannabe), I don't really "aspire to change the world". Honestly speaking, I enjoy things as they are. Sure we have problems, but a perfect utopia is full of flaws. When I create, I honestly create things that are removed from ours, but tie in with some parallels, else how can a person feel in-touch with a game?

I don't have a dream of a utopia, and I can hope some people grow up in this world, but without dark there is no light (and whatever other proverbs you have about that), because if everyone is light, then we begin comparing levels of brightness and some are seen as dark. So in summary, what we have now is all I could really ask for.

I'd like to say something like, "It seems utopia seems to have become a more talked about topic lately" with some recent media touching on the idea of a utopia and how to best achieve it, however the idea of changing the world has been around for ages.

If you're interested in all this, "Nineteen Eighty Four" and "Brave New World" are two very unique novels worth a read.

Finally: Is the monetary system flawed? Yes, but no. Will it change, no. Changing the game mechanics of the game of life is quite hard to do now that we have 7 billion users worldwide.
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