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I'm sorry tokoya, I meant the monetary system is flawed. I edited my post and clarified it.

You can get arrested in the US because they consider watching the movies an act of terrorism. Basically anything that goes against their fascist profit system is terrorism.

I think every organisation is deemed to seem preposterous in another’s perspective. For example, I guess afghan men think their society is better now that they can rape their wife legally. Of course, this would seem preposterous in our culture. In the same way, I guess they think our culture is preposterous too; or at least that’s what the Medias want us to believe.

I believe pretty much everyone in the organisation thinks the same way, with some slight variations, of course. For example, some are vegetarians and consider it horrible to eat meat - they don't like the idea of killing animals; however, if you think about it, we kill plants too. A study even showed that plants feel more pain when harmed than animals do.
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