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Marco; have you ever heard of Chaos Theory?

The idea is that, due to changes in the variables of a complex system (even very small ones), the outcome of the system becomes radically different. Even if it's just one variable among thousands.

Simply put, predicting these systems (such as the weather) is nearly impossible because of the amount of variables that can affect it. The further ahead you try to predict, the more unknown variables there are, and the less likely the prediction will be accurate.

Now consider how many variables would be involved in predicting the outcome if the world decided to stop using the monetary system. Millions? Billions? Trillions? Much more.

You must understand this to see how ludicrous your claim is. You want to affect an incomprehensible amount of variables and claim to know the outcome will be "good." You have good intentions, but do not become so tainted by an idealogy you lose sight of reality.

Now, as far as Game Designers and changing the world...I say that my goals are expository in nature more than anything else. I fit into your "Aspiring Game Designer" demographic, though, so let's get some senior designers to address your topic.
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